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January - 10 - 2014
Tourist attraction train

Tourist attraction train

Client: „Alpha service plus” Ltd. Varna
Received on: 09.10.2013 г.
Name: “Production and supply of tourist attraction train with four carriages with a capacity of 20 passengers”
Description: The contract between “EUROGAMES” Ltd. and “Alpha Plus Service” Ltd. for “Production and supply of tourist attraction train with four carriages with a capacity for 20 passengers” for the needs of “Alfa Service Plus” Ltd. concluded for the period 09.10.2013 – 09.01.2014 was full quality and done on time. The total value of the contract is 472 742, 00 BGN without VAT. “EUROGAMES” Ltd. properly fulfill all its obligations under the supply and training, according to set specifications and parameters agreed in the contract for delivery as follows:
1 locomotive with following specifications:
- VM 3000 CC diesel, possessing European emission standard EURO 5 231 HP;
- Chassis – bearing structure, galvanized steel trim, suspension shock absorbed springs is a for the front and rear axle. Hydraulic brake system. For rear axle brakes are equipped with automatic correction for braking. The parking brake acts on the rear tires of the locomotive and all four brakes of the coaches. On the locomotive (in cab) has installed and pneumatic converter to control the air brake system of the coaches. The brakes have been ratified according to the norms of security of the Republic of Bulgaria, with standard EU 71/320;
- 6-speed ​​manual gearbox + reverse;
- Traction 2 wheel drive – rear (4×4);
- Power steering;
- The maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h;
- The body is made of reinforced, high-quality, fiberglass, epoxy painted and decorated. Its thickness is 5 mm., which allows for maximum resistance to any condition of the road. The frame is fixed to the mechanics of using callipers anti-vibration and soundproofing material;
- Locomotive is fit with 6″ tires 175/75;
- The cabin is equipped with a seat for central management, lighting and rotating light on the roof;
- Dimensions: Length 4200 mm; Width 1800 mm; Height 2450 mm. DVD player – CD, USB, microphone, speakers.
4 wagons with the following characteristics:
- The chassis is made of wooden and reinforced galvanized steel, made up of steel beams with size of 120×60 thickness of 4 mm. On the chassis are mounted other components of the wagon: side panels, doors, seats and roof are with rounded edges. The floor is of almond shape aluminum sheet;
- All items are of high quality, fiberglass, epoxy painted and decorated, with a thickness of 5 mm. The wagon is reinforced by the internal frame for greater stability and vibration absorption. Screw the system allows all cars just to follow the route of the locomotive and to facilitate management. Turning diameter is 9 m .;
- High performance brake system – pneumatic with double chain mechanism influencing all-wheel consists of four drum brakes;
- The brakes have been ratified according to regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria with standard EU 71/320. Ventilation system with heating;
- There are four air /pneumatic/ springs;
- Capacity: 20 persons;
- Dimensions: Length 4626 mm; Width 1800 mm; Height 2550 mm;
- The wagon is equipped with lighting and key for signaling emergency stop every second row of seats. There is mounted removable transparent removable panels of PVC transparent film for protection from wind and rain. There is an opportunity to disembark, uploading and transportation of adults and children with impaired motor capabilities and traveling with wheelchairs by mounted platform and folding mechanism wheels. Attraction train is designed with high quality from a reputable European manufacturer.

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