• Manufacturing, sales and service of tourist attraction trains

    We are ISO9001:2008, ISO18001:2007, ISO14001:2004 certified. We produce custom made tourist attraction trains, as petrol/gas, diesel and electricity.

  • Tourist attraction train – rent

    Rental and operation of tourist attractions trains.                             This year we produced 10 pieces different trains.

  • Price list of CCTV cameras

    Price list of CCTV cameras We offer all kinds of CCTV cameras and accessories: HDR cameras, ip cameras, auto iris, anti Vandal cameras, varifocal lens, video surveillance, CCTV, high dynamic cameras, waterproof cameras, power supplies for cameras, cameras for indoor installation, cameras for flush mounting, cameras with infrared lights, cameras series Campus, housings, housings for cameras, housings...

  • Filling and recycling of toner cartridges

    Price list for filling and recycling of toner cartridges We offer professional loading / recycle toner cartridges. Charging includes – thorough cleaning of the toner cartridge (residual toner cleaning of the main parts) lubrication. Prevention of cartridge – the light of the main parts in the toner cartridge. See our prices here!!! For contacts! Bulgaria, Varna, Street Mladezhka, bl.32,...

  • Online store

    From here you can market directlyComputers, Accessories CCTV, Accessories Notebook (laptop), Video Cards, Instant Web Pages EasyWEB, Fans, Power Supply, Sound card, CD / DVD Blank, Cables, Memory Cards, Cameras CCTV, Keyboards , copiers, boxes, boxes for hard drives, Flash Memory, Printers, Notebooks, Networking, plasma displays, mice, optical devices, multimedia projectors, Multifunction devices,...

May - 12 - 2011
Online store for stationery

Online store for stationery

From here you can market directly Stationery, Writing instruments, ephemera pens, Plastic Pens, Luxury Pens, rollers, Permanent Markers, Board Markers, Special, tags, text tags. Fillers, inks, Automatic pencils, Mini graffiti Pencils, Office, adhesives, adhesive notes, tape, hair tape, adhesives, indices, proofreaders, drawing instruments, pencil sharpeners, rubbers, Hammer, hair Staples, Staples, Small Office , scissors, box-cutters, portable frames, desk organizers, desk stands, desk accessories, business card cases, Waste bins, filing, folders, bags Visors and labels, office pens, pockets, pads with pockets, dividers, Clipboards , Folders rings, file folders, suitcases, bags, tubes, leather folders, paper products and away-it, Copy paper, colored paper, cardboard, special paper, Labels, Printers, Plate, Printer paper, fax, telex paper, Cash rolls, Whitelists, plaid x th, Notebooks, Notebooks special pads, alphabetical, pads, cardboard, paper cubes, Labels for prices Forms LS, Del., Payroll, Forms PS Forms DMA Forms RPOR, accounts Transport activity all type  forms, Bank Forms, Customs Forms, Medical Forms, Envelopes mailing, Envelopes special, Atlases, maps, wrapping paper, marking punches, Archival boxes, presentation tools, flip charts, boards, aids, projectors, screens, Multimedia Projectors, badges, clips and more. Brochure stands, seals, numbering, date, sealing pads, wetters, Binding, Lamination, Binding Machines, filament , binding covers, laminating machines, laminating supplies, roller blades, school, seasons goods, colored pencils, Pastels, Paints, brushes, palettes, Student x-th goods, office equipment, consumables, office machines, copiers, printers, typewriters, Scanners, Fax Machines, Corded phones, cordless phones, DECT phones, PBX, Patch cables, Money counting Machines, shredders, Multifunction, Plotters, Dot Matrix Printers, Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines, Computers, Software, PC configurations, Monitors, Peripherals, Software Products, Computer Components, Notebooks, Computer Accessories, Keyboards, Computer mouse pads of mice, headphones, microphones, speakers, protective screens, awnings, boxes, trays for CD, desk stands, cables for computers, cleaning materials, Computer bags, VOIP phones, calculators, organizers, calculators, engineering calculators electronic notebooks, Calculator with tape, Pocket PCs, adapters, cases, media, batteries, diskettes, CDs CD-R, CD-RW, audiotapes, videotapes, batteries, chargers Discs DVD-R, DVD-RW, USB Flash Memory , Black and white goods, Voice Recorders, MP3 players, cameras, memories, bags for cameras, cords, table lamps, light bulbs, furniture, Chairs: Visitor, Working, Executive, Children’s, Furniture, Office furniture, desks, help desks , tables, meeting tables, office metal furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, cleaning materials, detergents, air fresheners. We offer quality products from most marks imposed on the world market.
Our products can be found here!!!

Contact us:

Varna Street Mladezhka, bl.32, ent. E, 1st floor, apt. 76;

tel: 00 359 52 72 92 43;   GSM: 00 359 899 885 915;

National phone for the price of a local call: 00 359 700 17 252;

- Free Shipping in the Municipality of Varna

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