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April - 17 - 2010

I. Company details

ET “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov ” was established and registered office: Varna Street “Mladezhka”, bl. 32, ent. E, floor 1, app. 76, , tel: +359 52 731 747, Fax: +359 52  72 92 43 Nat. Tel.: +359 700 17 252, mobile tel.: +359 899 88 59 15

It was registered under u. e. № 256 / 2001 years on the Varna District Court

It was registered for VAT in March 2006, Id. № 103592978, Id. VAT № 103592978 BG,

represented by mr. Dimitrov Konstantin Tihomirova in his capacity as manager.

Addresses in Varna are:

  • HEAD OFFICE: Varna, g. k. Troshevo Street Youth “, bl. 32, ent. E, floor 1, app. 76;
  • STORE: Varna, ul Odessos “№ 3, Nat. Tel.: 0700 17 252;
  • MANUFACTURE BASE: West Industrial Zone № 1661

II. Employment potential

ET “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov” is a company specialized in the assembly, sale and service of computer equipment, office supplies, stationery, paper, office equipment, building security systems and CCTV. Supply and installation of office furniture, equipment for schools, kindergartens and community centers. From the outset the objective is to successfully combine the business, consulting and service so that clients receive quality service in the entire cycle of purchasing and operating computers and peripherals. Available as ready computing solutions from leading manufacturers and outfitted with parts from different hardware vendors. In addition to offering their own solutions and developing custom hardware and software so as to meet some specific requirements of customers.

The staff of the company “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov” consists of 13 employees assigned to the contract, including: engineers, economists, university graduates, technicians, office menadzheri, drivers. Some employees are specialists with secondary education.

Company “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov” has highly qualified and trained personnel have acquired extensive experience primarily from the work in this company. Employee loyalty is determined by good care of the company to them.

Personnel directly engaged in these tasks has the skills is passed all the necessary training courses and instruction, as well as inside the company and outside, has the necessary experience and ability to cope with the delivery of the items on the attached specifications and deadlines. Periodically, the team was dispatched and training in other cities.

Manual carefully and thoroughly examine each job applicant. Highly valued as work experience, seniority and qualifications, but most potential for professional development. The inclusion of a new member to the team to undergo mandatory grace period in order to ascertain his willingness to work conscientiously and correctly.

The average age of employees is between 22 and 35 years. The company has both the human resources that have accumulated enough work experience, and with young people who generate new and relevant ideas to improve and optimize workflow.

More than 40% of the company’s employees are university graduates and the rest have secondary special education. Requirement for officers to have higher education. The company encourages its employees to continue their education and improve their skills by providing all necessary conditions, including financial support.

The announcement of the vacant position company management to make the first ruling Labour Offices for the presence of the necessary specialists. Another option are the sites used for the selection and recruitment.

Annually send personnel courses to update their knowledge and upgrade the services offered, to get acquainted with new items on the market and by presenting them to clients. This is very important as the timely introduction of new goods allows to offer customers the latest and most optimal goods in terms of price and quality.

Dear Sirs, we want to assure you that the company “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov” has highly qualified and trained staff. Manual carefully and thoroughly analyze the company’s work and communication with its customers to optimize service performance and increase work efficiency. The main task of servicing such contracts as this is to ensure that the necessary stocks of execution. To ensure this completely and to avoid any changes in the quantities necessary storage volumes should be increased by at least 25% of declared for the year. This ensures security of supply, regardless of the occurrence of side or force majeure, which may distort the scheme for the supply of contract.

III. The company consists of the following units:

A management staff – provide guidance, the company adopts the guidelines of development investment program of the company, supervise the activities and encourages sales.

B. Logistics and Supply – made commodities flow from production, import or distribution network to the end user. How does this unit actually works?

Employees of this department daily tracking stock based on reports made by the warehouse and accounting program. From these data and after analysis of sales by product group to monitor which items have reached their minimum quantities (according to signed contracts for the supply-adjusted expected sales at outlets based on past period increased by 25%). Then a company employee sends orders to suppliers with whom ET “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov ” has a contractual relationship. Due to the strict timetable and effective mobile communications network, the location of vehicles the company is constantly known. This allows, if you need urgent delivery of the goods closest located to the employee to take her by the supplier and recover the right amount in the store.

Standard recovery of stocks is carried out within a maximum workday.

Upon receipt of a request by telephone, fax, E-mail or an alternative means, the person responsible for supplies associated with the warehouse and forward application. There she is prepared and packaged, suitable for transportation. At the same time the employee preparing the necessary documents accompanying the goods are delivered and the car left the company to the customer to deliver the application. After arrival on site the application is unloaded in the warehouse to the customer and transmit documents relating to the supply. Then communicate logistics to complete the delivery.

C. Commercial and dealers – out of the reach of sales outlets of the company, and also carry out services such as copying, laminating and binding. Activities of dealers is connected with customer service the company’s site without having them to come to commercial sites.

All structures of the company strictly carry out its tasks, order supplies to be carried out as quickly, effectively.

Employees from different units can occupy any position from different units, so the absence of one or more employee does not affect the quality of executed transactions.

Built and implemented a system of quality management according to ISO 9001:2008 standard in the company. In this connection was conducted employee training and development functions independent unit, which develop, document, implement and maintain a system of quality management and continuously improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of this International Standard.

IV. Fleet

Cars available to us in the city of Varna are 8 / eight / number.

Some of the cars are leased. This is extremely convenient, since there is no need to allocate funds for new cars at once, but to focus on maintaining larger stocks. At the same time the company has new cars to ensure flawless operation and timely delivery of goods. On the other hand a car that is relatively new there is less fuel as fuel and spare parts. Older cars are equipped with gas and methane systems, which implies lower cost and an opportunity to minimize the direct costs associated with delivery of goods.

The company has decided to replace one and making two commercial vehicle leasing for even better organization of delivery of goods on the spot.

Besides the used car company has signed contracts with transportation companies for transportation of goods by vans to 2, 5 tons and trucks with load capacity up to 6 tons. The use of specialized companies is preferred because the cost of such large trucks is too high and uneconomical. Many more sense to focus our efforts in improving service quality and lowering the direct costs of delivery.

V. Stores and service outlets

The company has distributed structure of warehouses, service, retail outlets and dealers. ET 2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov, design and online shop with free delivery on all our products in the territory of Varna.

VI. Directly involved with contract staff:

Company “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov” highly qualified and trained personnel have acquired extensive experience primarily from the work in this company. Employee loyalty is determined by good care of the company to them. Annually at least two representatives are sent to training not only keeps them abreast of the latest developments in the market, but also increases their skills and their selection is made on a rotating basis.

Directly with the performance of the contract will involve four graduates and five medium-special. Their task, after receiving an order from the Principal to monitor and coordinate activities in preparation of the product and accompanying documentation and timely execution of the supply depot to the client. Their task is also monitoring the proper functioning of the entire process from order to delivery of goods, and rectify any possible discrepancies in the execution. All staff have mobile phones, the company has signed contracts with two mobile operators, ensuring quick and easy connection, reducing communication costs, better coordination and more rapid and accurate execution.

Following an education officials ET 2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov “are prepared to fulfill their obligations respecting procedures implemented in standard ISO 9001:2008, as this particular aspect of their work will be supervised by trained quality manager.

Of 16. 09. 2008, we issued a certificate of registration of a trademark by the Patent Office of Bulgaria.

ET 2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov “to ensure staff is fully engaged directly with the performance of his tasks has the skills is completed all necessary training courses and instruction both inside the company and outside it has the necessary experience and able to cope with the delivery of the items in the attached specifications and deadlines.

ET 2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov “is one of the leading companies on the Bulgarian market for computers. Performs complex deliveries at client’s place. Long experience is a prerequisite for precise work and loyalty to the partners.

VII. Corporate clients of the company “2002 – Konstantin Dimitrov”

Each year, corporate clients of our company have risen more times.

We serve people working for the Municipality of Varna and its units, water and sanitation, Varna, Municipality Silistra, Municipality Kyustendil Municipality Provadia Aksakovo, Municipality Vratsa, Razgrad Municipality. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment and Water, OUI-Varna with its territorial directorates, OUI-Sofia, with its territorial directorates, First Language School, Varna and many other smaller clients ET Sirius 57 – Tihomit Dimitrov “, Varna,” Merry “Ltd., Varna, Avidea Ltd., Varna, Breykinterneshanal Ltd., Varna, Eurofund Ltd. Provadiya, Municipal Insurance Company “, Varna, Hebros Bank, Varna, Association Forum of Civil Society “, Varna, Varna Dental Center I Ltd., Varna, Fast Building Ltd., Varna.

The main objective of the company this year is to increase the number of contracts with corporate clients to have the opportunity to secure an increasing number of jobs.